Cityville Cheats & Hacks

Cityville is a social game made by Zinga studios, The game is available on facebook, cityville was announced to be released on November 18, 2012, and
officially came out after one month.
Cityville attracts 100k players every single day, that makes it The # 1 Game on facebook with 95 millions users!
The game allows players to become mayor, governor, or even a president of a virtual city, as well as to progress  & grow with it, from supplying a small town
initially to managing a huge metropolis, currently the game has 200 levels and it’s on progress, leveling up is achieved by getting XP’s
Developer (s)         : Zynga
Publisher (s)          : Facebook, Google +
Platform (s)           :Website
Date (s) Released : December 2 INT 20101
Modes of play       : A player
Official website

  •  Anti-Ban Feature helps you to bypass cityville security
  •  Proxy helps you to protect your IP from getting banned
  •  Speed: Makes everything going fast ( X 4 times, Next Version will be  X 8 )
  •  Energy Hack , no more fatigue !
  •  Unlimited Cash
  •  Unlimited Coins
  •  Unlimited XP
  •  Unlimited Goods
  •  Update Button for more features
  • Supports All OS’s including Mac !
  • No cheat Engine needed
  • No survey to download !

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“Like Our fan pages to get updated with more cheats “



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How This Tool Works ?


What’s this Cheats about? How it works?

Cityville is an amazing introduction made by the Zynga for the game lovers. Finding the perfect Cityville cheats is an easy task if you understand some basic strategies. This strategy is also considered as cheats that offer the special advantages to play with skill to taste victory over other players. These incredible tricks that allow you to progress speedily help in obtaining unlimited cash, coins or energy to continue your game play in an extremely awesome manner.

The first Cityville cheats that would offer you extra energy is the energy cheat. For this type of cheat you should first create more than one account. Trust me; it is worth your time since this will enable you to build up new buildings and save energy considerably. By opening multiple accounts at the same time and implementing buildings you will be able to build a maximum amount of energy. In your main account, you should place the building and then switch on to the second account and visit the building in your main account from the second one. Start helping them build and at the same time switches on to the main account to accept the help. Next you should wait and then refresh your browser until the construction of your building is completed.

The best Cityville cheat is generating more businesses in order to increase your energy point. Thus if you operate more than 10 businesses, then you can start collecting more energy points. Initially prepare a hotspot where you spread and surround with beautiful decorations. Once you fill it with a maximum number of decorations then you can move your business to that hotspot. This cheat will earn ultimate energy extremely quick decorations and energy.

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